If you find yourself trying to discover the differences between different parts of your property, you will inevitably land on landscaping. Landscaping is more than planting various plants. Some elements make up the whole of the property. Here are a few things to think about. 

Designing Flower Beds

When envisioning your lawn, what’s the first thing that pops into your mind? Why flowers, of course! But, sometimes, planting flowers in the ground isn’t an option. The soil might not be fertile enough.  Other times, it’s not an aesthetic that people want. For example, having raised flower beds looks more organized and neater.  We can arrange them in different ways to make designs on your lawn or arrange them in rows. Mulching flower beds look crisper, and it is easier to keep the mulch in one spot for more extended periods. In addition, the materials used to build raised flower beds can be fun to play around with.

Materials to Use for Installations

There are a lot of materials needed for installing various projects for your landscape.  One of the most common supplies is wood. Wood is used for building decks, flower beds, and gazebos. However, other materials, including concrete and metal, are needed for more sturdy projects. For example, patios and pathways should be made out of concrete because they are strong.  More robust materials can hold heavier items better. Outdoor kitchens and living rooms wouldn’t be as safe on a wood platform. Metal is an excellent material for building greenhouses. Metal looks elegant and is strong. 

Draw it Out

Drawing out ideas of how the landscape should look gives a visual representation of how the landscape will work. The key to an incredible landscape is the flow of how everything is placed.  Having a drawn-out design makes it easier to change the position of something that doesn’t quite fit. Rearranging the design can be fun and frustrating at the same time. The drawing board is always open to creating a few different design outlays.  Creating a hard copy of the ideas in your head gets the creative juices flowing. The designs don’t have to be a work of art, have fun with them. For example, build a model of your lawn using legos or other household items – this also adds a youthful and fun element to your work!

Screens Save Lives

Are you planning an enclosed seating area? Screens keep bugs and pests out. Fortunately, they also keep pets and small children inside the screen. This reduces the chances of anyone getting lost and injured. Screen rooms allow the benefits of being outside without the risk of getting injured. UV rays from the sun can be harmful- even with sunscreen. Having an enclosed outdoor area is natural sunburn protection.  When it rains, fabrics can be damaged. To protect your outdoor living room from getting moldy and allow them to last that much longer.  Springtime is also a time when nature’s pollinators are out and about. For most, it’s not an issue, but if you’re allergic to bees, this could be a huge hazard for you. 

Water Enough?

Do you water your lawn enough? Then, installing an irrigation system is a fantastic solution. You can set irrigation systems to a timer, so they water your lawn simultaneously every day- or night.  Watering your landscape super early in the morning is best. Who wants to be outside at 5 am watering their garden? No one needs to be up that early with a fantastic irrigation system. So instead, let your landscape equipment do the hard work for itself. 

What’s Your Theme?

Is there a specific theme that your landscape should showcase? Designing a landscape that tells its own story or represents something about yourself can be fun.  Adding specific flowers or statues might highlight what your landscape is trying to show. A theme could also be the placement of the flower beds. Do they make a design? Hardscaping can also be the central theme of landscaping. For instance, things like an outdoor kitchen or fire pit are focal points that bring many people to a centralized area.

Hardscaping Facts

What is hardscaping? It’s the same as landscaping; replace plants and greenery with pathways, seating areas, and fire pits. Features that add different elements to your entertainment in the landscape are hardscaping features.  They enhance your relaxation and entertainment values. Hardscaping encourages you to get outside and enjoy all you have been putting together. Likewise, friends and family are easier to entertain when they have places to relax and focal points to enhance their experiences.  Hardscaping features are great conversation starters. In addition, outdoor living rooms offer comfortable places to sit and enjoy the afternoon or evening. Outdoor kitchens, for example, are inviting and fun to show off.  Hardscapes give off a sense of pride and hard work. Plus, they make landscapes look fantastic and boost the value of your home. 

Plan Beforehand

Planning out all the aspects that are important to you makes breaking ground that much easier. Doing your research before talking to BK makes the conversation more productive because you will know what you want.  Landscaping and hardscaping projects have a lot of jargon that could be difficult to understand. Planning what you want the landscaping team to be in charge of makes understanding what’s being said easier, so everyone is on the same page.  Having a backup plan in case something does not work out is proactive. In addition, contingency plans are flexible and easy to reconfigure. Changes might be more cost-effective than the original plan as well. It also depends on what the expectation for the landscape is. 

Hire the Professionals

A lot of landscape installation projects are dangerous to do on your own. There are DIY projects you can do. However, installing piping is dangerous and affects more than just your lawn.  BK Landscaping is here to keep you safe while your landscape transforms. It is essential to work, and we want to make sure everyone is as safe as possible. Don’t be discouraged about not being able to do everything yourself. Your job is the most important, creating what your landscape is supposed to look like through models and plan layouts.