Trees are the mascot of landscaping because of their importance to our planet. Adult trees intake carbon dioxide in large amounts and produce more oxygen than most other plants. 

Mainly this is because of how big trees can get. They take a long time to become nature’s skyscrapers, but that means we need to take responsibility and help them live that long. 

The more extended trees live, the longer our planet stays healthy, and our air quality stays cleaner longer. 

Why are Trimming Trees Important?

The easiest way to get rid of diseased and dying branches is to trim them. This prevents the spread of the disease. It is also necessary to trim trees if they are located near powerlines. The power may not go out when storms hit because a fallen tree branch on a line is less likely. 

Trimmed trees also mean fewer leaves and twigs will fall on your landscape. In addition, tree branches get tangled up and can cause trees to lean more to one side. By trimming them, the tree can grow more straight and live longer. 

Trees Get Sick?

Most people don’t know that trees get sick. Insects and mites can make trees sick. This is because they use the tree as a host, and by these bugs living in the tree, they take all the tree’s resources. Fungi, soil, and weeds can all be causes for trees getting sick. 

BK Landscapes can run different tests to ensure your trees and soil are healthy and in good shape. Sick trees have an easier time falling over in massive storms, which can cause a lot of damage to homes, cars, people, and powerlines. This is why it’s so important to take care of your trees.

When Should Trees Get Their Trim?

Anywhere from winter to spring, before the leaves grow, is the best time to get your trees trimmed. This reduces the number of leaves and flowers you have to workaround. Also, bare branches are easier to see and maneuver around. 

BK Landscapes is the perfect company to trim your trees because we offer the best quality. Most young trees need to be trimmed for about two to three years. After that, most mature trees need trimming for about three to five years. Of course, every tree is different, so you should get an expert’s opinion before deciding.

How to Tell if Trees are Sick

There are a few signs to tell if your tree is sick. Leaning trees, yellowing leaves, and leaves with holes in them are indicators. You still want to get BK Landscapes to come out and take a look before the trimming takes place. 

The critical thing to know is that sick trees can spread the disease to other trees. Don’t be neglectful. If you can’t take care of your trees, it’s ok. BK Landscapes will handle everything. We are here to help, so put us to the test.

Mulching Trees?

If you are worried about your trees, you can add mulch to the base of the trees and cover the central part of the root system. This locks in moisture and allows your tree to repair itself. 

Mulch also adds a layer of coverage if a lot of rain and wind has washed and blown the topsoil away over time. Again, BK Landscapes can help you choose the perfect mulch for your trees. 

Stump Removal

First and most importantly, do not remove stumps yourself. Instead, please call BK Landscapes so we can do it safely. Stumps decay and can attract pests. They can even start to grow fungi. Fungi can be a problem because there are many poisonous species, and if you have small children or animals, they can potentially eat the fungi and get sick. 

Getting the stump removed also eliminates the risk of your home getting overrun by pests and protects little ones from getting hurt. Stumps can be recycled into chips or sawdust to be used in mulch. 

Dangers of Neglect

Neglecting your trees means they could all die of the disease. Branches would fall off and damage other trees on the way down. Eventually, all your trees would get sick if one tree got sick. You can prevent this from happening. 

BK Landscapes is here to take care of all your tree needs. You get to worry about your busy schedule and other responsibilities, and we get to prevent treemagedon from happening. Neglecting your trees looks like years of not paying attention to them, not getting them trimmed, and not controlling pests. 

Take Care of Those Trees!

Trees are fantastic additions to have in your landscape. There are so many varieties to choose from. They also encourage wildlife to visit your lawn. Trees give back to the planet in huge ways, and there are ways we can give back to our trees. So why not learn? 

BK Landscapes is willing to teach those who want to learn and do the jobs. Trees don’t need constant supervision, but they do need some TLC every couple of years. 

Clean up the Debris

Stumps, branches, leaves, and anything that gets left behind by a tree is debris. Leaving it on your land is not a healthy choice for your landscape. Too much damage can happen to other plants and areas of your landscape. You can maintain your trees by raking up leaves, picking up branches and twigs, and removing stumps. 

Best of all, you can recycle most of these things into something else to improve your landscape. So you are recycling, reducing, and reusing your trees. 

Please leave it to the Pros!

Tree trimming is dangerous to do on your own. BK Landscapes is here to make your tree trimming experience positive and safe. We have a skillset and specific safety protocols that we follow to the T. 

Professionals know their trade inside and out. We are no exception, and our lives revolve around landscaping. We are reliable, punctual and respect all our clients.