Lawn maintenance is a crucial part of any homeowner’s tasks. Like any other part of the home, regular tending ensures a well-functioning outdoor space and is a preventative method for any potential problems. However, if you find yourself unable to keep up with the demands of your home’s exterior, help is accessible through a professional landscaper.

The experts at BK Landscaping understand that lawn maintenance is tedious, so they make it easy to care for outdoor areas. When considering whether or not you want to complete outdoor tasks on your own or enlist the help of an expert, there are a few things to consider. Here are the top ten reasons why your lawn NEEDS maintenance.

Boosts curb appeal

An attractive yard offers the home a scenic layout and makes the space more inviting. The tidiness of a lawn reflects caring occupants who take the effort to tend to the yard. Regular lawn maintenance is an excellent way to boost curb appeal and enhance the look of your home’s exterior.

Aids plant growth

Good lawn practices such as mowing and trimming help grasses maintain regular growth patterns. The same is true for other plants requiring lawn maintenance, such as shrubs, bushes, perennial, and annual plants. Like a haircut for the yard, regular cuts encourage and train plants to grow continuously in the same direction.

To further aid the growth of your home’s grasses, make sure that you choose the right kind of grass for your climate. For example, cool-season grass benefits locations that experience a long winter, while warm-season grasses prefer a more extended summer. The suitable types of grass for your property will make all the difference in a long-term progressive lawn.


Not only will lawn maintenance keep the inhabitants of your home safe, but also any guests invited to your home. A cluttered yard filled with obstacles such as large rocks, ground holes, branches, and uneven terrain poses hazardous risks to anyone walking across. In addition, children, the elderly, and pets are prone to accidents and require a level outdoor area.

Increases home value

Those considering selling their home or making a profit from the property will want to keep a beautiful lawn to entice potential buyers. Maintaining a pristine yard ensures you’ll get a top-dollar offer when putting your home on the market. In addition, prioritizing the exterior appearance of your property can raise the land value by as much as 20%.

When new homeowners search for their next space, they’ll first see the outdoor space. So, if you’re looking to charm the highest bidder, start by looking to your lawn to bring in the green.

Climate control

Lawn maintenance promotes positive changes and developments in the environment around a property. Certain types of grass absorb carbon dioxide and purify the air surrounding the yards. Ways to optimize the climate control around your yard include:

  • Composting
  • Avoiding toxic weed killers
  • Using rainwater to water your lawn
  • Allowing growth of native plants

Lawn maintenance encourages a healthy ecosystem and a happy environment for your yard.

Discourage invasive pests

Cluttered yards are optimal spaces for invasive pests like insects, rodents, and snakes to nest. High grasses, neglected brambles, leaf piles, and fallen branches are common areas that attract animals looking to make a home. Incorporate edging and blowing into your lawn maintenance routine to keep invasive pests away.

Edging discourages invasive pests by cutting down overgrown plants near structures, walkways, or outdoor appliances. Blowing away loose debris like leaves and light branches will additionally aid in detracting invasive pests. Edging and blowing are most optimal in the transitional seasons of spring and autumn.

Weed prevention

Weeds are another invasive pest of a different kind. Weeds are plants that rob surrounding other plants of vital nutrients and sometimes kill by entangling in their root systems. The most effective way to prevent weeds before they start is to physically dig out the plant in its entirety, root and all.

Consider an all-natural weed killer if you cannot dig out the weeds individually. White vinegar is an excellent alternative to marketed weed killers and will not affect surrounding vegetation. For professional weed prevention and other services, contact BK Landscaping.

Cuts costs

Money is the only way to recuperate time loss when lawn maintenance goes unpracticed for an extended period. For example, an overgrown lawn that desperately needs mowing may reach the point where a push mower will not accurately cut the grass. Hiring a landscaping company like BK Landscaping is cost-efficient for those looking to keep a groomed yard.

Creates a recreational place

Next to gardening, the most exciting part of a well-maintained lawn is the endless possibility of recreational space. Whether you want to create a large outdoor area for entertaining or a family-friendly sports venue, lawn maintenance will ensure your exterior ventures. Typical home recreational spaces include:

  • Playgrounds
  • Patios
  • Sports practice set-ups
  • Firepits
  • Gardens
  • Outdoor Living Spaces

Whatever recreational setting you use for your outdoor space will require routine tending. However, doing it at home saves money and time you would otherwise spend using commercial facilities.

Saves time in the long run

As a preventative measure, regular lawn maintenance ensures that you won’t have to devote significant amounts of time to clean up the massive buildup of plant overgrowth. If your schedule does not allow time for lawn maintenance, leave the work to the specialists at BK Landscaping.

BK Landscaping serves Flanders and the Great Peconic Bay with integrity and compassion for the community. We “plant our roots in the North Fork,” as our motto goes, providing Riverhead, Aquebogue, Jamesport, and surrounding areas of New York State with quality lawn maintenance services. So, if you’re in Suffolk County and want to upgrade the standards of your lawn, let BK Landscaping help you take the next step.

Making lawn maintenance a priority ensures that the exterior of your home will thrive and stay beautiful. To provide the ultimate care for your yard, contact the experts at BK Landscaping at (631) 204-3240 for a free estimate today.