Are there things you can add to your lawn when you think of your lawn? Do you want to add anything? Some landscapes start to look cluttered after the plants have grown for a bit.

What do you do? Since the plants are already planted, it’s not possible to move them again. However, we can add mini brick walls, install small stepping stones around your trees, and even dig plastic materials around your flower beds to your immaculate garden. 

All these are forms of edging. BK Landscapes can install any material that fits your lawn, and we can do the heavy lifting for you!

Getting the Perfect Curve!

When BK adds edging to your lawn, we make sure to create curves and lines that will stay for seasons to come. We want to ensure your garden looks organized and that guests know where to walk. The reason for edging your landscape vary, but they all look fantastic!

Curves make your lawn look more natural. Edging keeps your lawn maintained and timeless. When it’s time to mow, edging makes it easier to visualize the areas to stay away from. Mowing has no place in flower beds. 

BK ensures the material is strong enough to stay in place and not shift when grass trimmings are blown around. After mowing, blowing the trimmings off the edging designs makes your landscape look clean and decluttered. 

Mistakes, What Mistakes?

Mistakes can happen when projects are done yourself, resulting in hospital visits. For example, a significant amount of time has been spent getting your lawn designed, installed, and maintained. Please don’t ruin it by trying to install something BK can do for you. 

We know how precious your trees, shrubs, flower beds, and grass are. BK has the skillset to install edging painlessly, quickly, and efficiently. You don’t want to leave some things to chance, though. 

With our experience, we know which materials work better than others and with what designs. BK always keeps communication with our clients open and honest. Edging is one service you don’t want to be out of the loop. 

As Always, Weed Control

Edging keeps each section in its place. So when it’s time to check for weeds, you can do so simply, and it takes no time at all! Weeds can pop up anywhere; you will never have to guess second if you check every section again. 

Weeds can be plucked sooner when they are exposed. Edging clears the clutter, and you can see each plant a little easier. This also allows your plants to see more of the sun and drink more rain. 

BK can help with weed control when each plant has its own space too. It makes the soil easier to reach and does not risk harming the wrong plants.

Stay Mulch, Stay!

Edging keeps your mulch where it needs to be-in your flower beds and on your trees and shrubs. In the wind and rain, mulch can spread throughout your lawn. As a result, BK won’t have to replace your mulch more often than necessary. 

Your grass can grow just fine without being covered, thank you. Plastic, brick, stone, and other materials may be used to keep mulch in flower beds and grass in the yard and make grass cutting easier. It depends on how you want the edging to look

The edge will need to be slightly raised above the ground to help with the blowback. Your trustworthy team at BK has the skillset and knowledge to set it just right. 

Look at Me!

There is so much to see in a beautiful garden. However, it can be difficult to find subtle decorations with outdoor living spaces, extravagant flower beds, and water features. Different types of stone can be used. 

BK can do so much with edging. Including increases your curb appeal and your home value. With a lawn already being taken care of, edging upgrades your landscape to the next level of elegance. 

Gardens are beautiful and unique in every way. BK gives the best quality work, leaving every customer with a sense of relief when we get a job done. Edging is a unique service, and we pride ourselves on our quality.

Everything Grows in its Place

BK ensures you won’t have a grass invasion in your flower beds. Your trees will look more contained. You won’t have to guess second where your garden beds start and where they end, and neither will we.

Edging helps keep your soil where it needs to be so you won’t have to worry about erosion. Mulch stays with your flower beds with rubber edging the best. BK can add stone edges to your lawn to also help grass cutting much easier. 


What is your most prized plant or tree? Why not make it a highlight in your garden? It’s easy; we add edging around the perimeter of the individual plant or bed. 

The eye automatically gravitates toward it by having bricks, lining, or even stone around the plant. The physical barrier also keeps people from walking on or too close to this plant resulting in keeping animals and young children off them. As a result, your garden looks better than ever, and you preserve your most prized greenery. 

Call in the Pros!

Installing brick, liner, and other materials can be difficult keeping them aligned perfectly. Also, using lawn equipment to cut back grass from the edging can be dangerous if you’re not certified. BK Landscaping has the knowledge required to maintain your lawn and keep all your plants healthy and striving. 

The team at BK Landscaping is trustworthy, and we get the job done the first time correctly. After that, we make sure your lawn is blooming and organized. Your curb appeal will skyrocket with us in charge!

We are trustworthy and value our clients. Communication stays open through all avenues as we create and upgrade your perfect garden! 

BK Landscaping: Going the extra mile is only the beginning.