Winter isn’t easy on any of us. As much as we complain about the summer heat, at least we live on an island and can hit the beach pretty quickly. For winter, there’s no such luck.

Winter is hard on the bones and muscles. It slows us down and makes us more brittle. And just like people, winter is also hard on trees.

That’s why BK Landscaping will talk to you today about tree care and specifically why it’s essential for winter.

Tree Trimming

Trimming is how we shape our trees. Most people think tree trimming is primarily for how they look, but tree trimming also has significant health benefits.

When we trim off the ends of trees, we send energy to the rest of the tree. But over-trimming can damage your trees’ health, so make sure you leave tree trimming to the professionals.

Pruning Trees

You may use the terms pruning and trimming interchangeably, but they are different processes. As mentioned, trimming is snipping the ends of branches. Pruning is removing dead or unhealthy parts of trees.

While pruning, we look for parts of trees that are diseased that can spread that disease to the rest of the tree. We also look for branches that eventually come off on their own and remove them before they do.

Mulching Around Trees

Mulch is a vital and valued component in any landscape. Mulching helps prevent weeds, preserves soil moisture, adds color, and insulates plants from extreme heat and cold.

Typically, we use organic mulch around trees (mulch from a plant source). But organic mulch breaks down. So if your trees don’t have a robust mulch reserve, it’s crucial to have BK take a look to ensure they are ready for winter or if they’ll need additional mulch before the first freeze.

Seasonal Cleanup

Last month’s blog discussed the importance of seasonal cleanup, but here’s a refresher. It’s essential to clean up your property of plant debris at the end of the season.

Leaves, fallen limbs, and other debris can block plants from getting nutrients and trap moisture beneath them. Trapped water can cause mold, fungus, and other plant diseases.

Why Tree Care In Winter?

We’ve already touched on some reasons you should perform tree care in winter. Here’s another: snow weighs down branches.

It’s vital before winter begins to remove dead or weak branches. These limbs can be weighed down by snow and break under the weight. Further, falling tree limbs can cause injury, property damage, and loss of electricity.

In general, it’s a good practice to check on your trees’ health before they’re about to go through something taxing, much like you’d hopefully get your heart checked out before deciding to run the New York City Marathon.

Why Hire a Professional for Tree Care?

You may think tree care is one of those places you can save money by going the DIY route. However, we caution against doing that for the following reasons.


Tree care is highly specialized. For example, with pruning and trimming, it’s easy to cut too much or too little, jeopardizing the tree’s health.

It’s also hard for people outside the field to recognize all the potential health problems your trees might be experiencing. Likewise, it can be challenging to know which branches could be dangerous to your home and family this winter.


Tree care is one of the more dangerous landscaping tasks. You risk unpredictable falling branches when cutting limbs. This is an even more serious concern when you’re near power lines!

If you have to climb the tree to get to parts of it, you are at additional risk. Tree care professionals have the equipment to keep ourselves safe when trimming high limbs.

We also know what branches can cause your property safety concerns later. So let us reduce your liability by doing the job.


Finally, it takes more time to do something you’re not used to than working on a project where you’re an expert. BK are experts. We know what we’re doing and can save you the time you would have wasted trying to figure it out.

Even if you’re great at tree care, we can do it faster, and you can spend the time working on holiday preparation or sipping some egg nog.

Tree You Later

Our trees are often some of the most treasured features in our landscaping. Sometimes they’ve been there for generations. Do everything you can to protect your trees and home by contacting BK to take care of your tree care needs this winter.