Your Best Property Yet: A Little Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance Go a Long Way!

by | Jun 28, 2023 | Lawn Maintenance, Landscaping

If you live in Riverhead, Jamesport, Aquebogue, or their surrounding areas, you know there is nothing like a Long Island summer! Obviously, if you want to make the most out of the season, spending time outdoors, enjoying the beautiful weather and pristine views, is a must! This summer, there is no need to travel to enjoy the great outdoors. You can improve the look of your outdoor space and boost the potential of your plant life with proper lawn maintenance and landscaping services, so you can spend July and August enjoying the view from your own yard! Looking to show your Riverhead, Jamesport, or Aquebogue landscape some love? Mulch applications are a great start! Contact BK Landscaping today!What key services could transform the look of your yard this summer?
Landscaping Installations Adding fresh flowers and plant installations can give your landscape the makeover it deserves. With so many different options, you have the opportunity to add an array of colors and dimensions to your property, boosting your curb appeal and property value in the process! Besides making your outdoor space more visually appealing, there are added mental health benefits to this service! Scientific studies have shown that spending even just a few minutes outdoors surrounded by plants can increase happiness and improve memory. When you create a space to enjoy nature, you can have the added benefit of improving your mental health too! Lawn Maintenance Everyone wants a lush, green lawn that makes their neighbors green with envy. In order to keep your grass at its healthiest height, regular lawn maintenance services are needed. While you could spend time caring for your lawn yourself, it is important to remember that the average American spends over 200 hours per year maintaining their turf! Those hours could be better spent enjoying your summer while a professional handles the job for you. In addition, experts get expert results. Besides mowing the grass, edging and blowing afterward allow you to have your neatest lawn yet! Quality lawn maintenance can increase your property value by up to 15%, making the services a valuable investment! Mulch Applications There is so much to love about mulch, and it truly can work wonders for your property! When mulch is added to your landscape, it adds color and texture. It also draws the eye to the flowers resting in it, allowing your plant life to pop! While this may be reason enough to consider applying it to your property, the benefits of mulch go far beyond aesthetics alone!  We all know the North Fork summers can be grueling. Your soil feels the heat, too, and requires proper hydration to keep your plant life healthy and thriving. A layer of mulch allows your soil to be insulated, protecting it from high temperatures and even helping it to retain moisture. Mulch also covers the soil, making it infinitely more difficult for weeds to spread and make their home in your flower beds. While there are many varieties of mulch, if you choose an organic material, it will break down over time, providing nutrients to your soil too!  Looking to give your Riverhead, Jamesport, or Aquebogue lawn a fresh, new start? Contact BK Landscaping and ask about our expert sod installation services! Cleanups Twigs, branches, leaves, and debris, in general, will inevitably wind up making their way to your landscape. It can be difficult to enjoy your outdoor space when it doesn’t have a neat appearance. A cleanup service can preserve the look of your landscape, but more importantly, it can protect your plant life too! Too much debris on your property can smother your grass or plants, depriving them of the oxygen and sunlight they need to thrive. Debris also provides a place for pests to hide; once they make their home, they can ultimately damage your landscape further. What if my lawn is beyond repair? If your lawn has seen better days, all is not lost! Sod installation services can save your summer! Within hours, you will have a lush, green INSTANT lawn and the results can’t be beat! Now, before you rush to plan some BBQs and get to enjoying your newer, greener space, remember that the roots need to develop first, so you’ll want to wait 2-3 weeks before allowing foot traffic from children or pets! You may not be able to walk on it for a brief period, but you can certainly still enjoy the view! Explore Landscaping Installation and Maintenance Solutions, as well as Lawn Services from BK Landscaping! Ready to maximize the potential of your outdoor space this summer? Contact the experts at BK Landscaping! We are happy to discuss your options and make recommendations that suit your property’s individual needs! Call us at (631) 201-8600 to get a free estimate!