Lawn care, in general, is a massive task for anyone who owns property, especially here in NY. One of the most crucial times of year to care for your lawn is now, as the fall approaches. This is a great time to inform you about the lawn care duo that can save the day for your soil! We are talking about aeration and overseeding! Unfortunately, these are often overlooked, but they can repair and prevent damage to your lawn. Aeration and overseeding will eventually increase the overall health of your yard, geography, and property. You can do the service, as the property owner, by renting or buying an aerator to use during your own “free” time, as well as then overseeding afterward. But the even better option is calling professionals, like us at BK Landscaping, to come over and provide our excellent aeration and overseeding services for you! This week’s blog will provide you with all the critical facts you need to know about aeration and overseeding services, including but not limited to:
  • How do they work?
  • What are the benefits of the service?
  • What is the impact of compaction on my lawn?
So, let’s begin!

What even is aeration and overseeding service?

Do you have puddles on your lawn? Brown spots? Dead or bare patches of grass? If so, you may have compacted soil. When the soil becomes compacted, the water, air, and nutrients cannot get to where they need to go, and damage starts to occur. Excessive foot traffic, like having cars park on the lawn during a celebration, and children or pets playing on your turf can all lead to soil compaction. If you cannot penetrate the soil with a shovel, this is another sign that it is compacted. Aeration involves poking holes in your soil and removing plugs of soil to allow space for air, water, and nutrients to enter. It sounds like it causes more damage but it actually helps your lawn breathe again! An aeration service is the perfect response to soil compaction. Aeration services done correctly by a professional will get the best results. Once the process is done you’ll have cultivated the perfect environment for growth. Then you can then almost instantaneously overseed your lawn and allow the nutrients to get into the roots of your soil, since compaction will no longer be an issue.

What else should you know about aeration and overseeding?

Earlier, we spoke briefly about how you can rent or buy your own aeration machine. However, that costs money, requires a lot of your free time, a specific skill set, and it will still call for your lawn or landscape to be maintained. The simpler and better option is to hire licensed professionals, like us here at BK Landscaping, and let us come and provide the aeration service for you, allowing you to get the best possible results you can get. Aeration is a service that should be done at the beginning of the fall or spring season; however, it could also be necessary whenever your soil becomes compacted, which is why we are writing this blog! The spring season is a necessary time to aerate your lawn before the weeds start to form. Aeration will not only solve your compacted soil problem but also help prevent weeds from growing on your lawn as well. (SIDE NOTE: If you see dandelions forming on your lawn, it may be too late to aerate!) When you aerate again during the fall season, it helps prepare your turf for next year’s upcoming spring season by helping your grass to grow healthy and livelier. An overseeding service is almost always combined with an aeration service. This will let your lawn grow fuller and more robust because it will help fill in the bare spots or areas of your lawn. This fantastic duo of aeration and overseeding is usually done hand-in-hand because overseeding would not be possible if your soil were compacted. When services like this are done to your property, professionals guarantee they are done right, but they also ensure a healthier, cleaner, and more beautiful property. Altogether, it helps boost the curb appeal of your property and may actually increase the overall value too! Lawn care services alone can raise property value by up to 10%. So, if you are a resident of Riverhead, Jamesport, or Aquebogue, NY, then you are eligible to get any of your lawn and landscaping services done by us here at BK Landscaping!