Drainage Solutions

Top-Notch Grading and Drainage Services in Jamesport, Aquebogue and Riverhead, NY.

What can we offer you for drainage solutions?

If you have problems with excess water on your property, we have solutions. These services help prevent soil erosion and increased water buildup. We provide sloping and grading to even out your property and reduce runoff. French drains are a specialty of ours.

The overall idea behind these kinds of services is to provide a one-and-done fix that needs to be checked or maintained. Our team can quickly solve significant issues on your property!

Why choose BK Landscaping to provide you with a grading and drainage service?

Within the five boroughs, green industry companies are often not as needed due to the urban setting. However, here in Long Island, and especially the North Folk, these services are crucial. What sets our company apart?

  • We have been in the green industry for over four years!
  • We service all commercial and residential properties!
  • We give discounts for veterans!
  • We do free estimates!
  • We are a licensed and insured establishment!
  • We provide premium quality work and fantastic customer service!

If you are not sold on those things, then we ask you to call us. We want to talk with you and come out to your property to offer you our free estimate. We can promise you that once you get to speak with our crew, your decision will be fast!

What should you consider when you need drainage solutions?

Excess water can become a big problem very quickly. It can damage your lawn, landscape, and even your home. Also, once standing water is present, your property is at risk for insect infestations. Simply put, it is hard to enjoy your yard when it resembles a swamp.

Issues like this must be corrected quickly to prevent further damage. Grading and drainage services are not recommended as DIY projects due to the specialty tools and knowledge required.

When professionals, such as us at BK Landscaping, provide drainage solutions for your property, we can guarantee that the job will be done correctly. Fixing your drainage can result in an increase to your property value so it is important that the project is done right! These services also can give you back your yard for entertaining or relaxing purposes, which makes them a smart investment!

We offer effective drainage and grading solutions to the residents of Riverhead, Jamesport, Aquebogue and their surrounding areas! We are proud to support the residents of our local community!

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