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What Does BK Include In Our French Drain Installation Service?

Water creates many problems for your yard, plants, home, and health. And when you can’t level it with landscaping, drains can be the solution.

BK installs French Drains in properties in the Riverhead, Jamesport, and surrounding areas. When we install your drain, we will dig a trench to the appropriate depth, haul away the access dirt and fill it with loose sand or gravel.

That will allow the water to naturally percolate down into the earth instead of causing drainage problems.

Why Choose BK?

We know that your choices for french drains and professional landscapers in the North Fork are many. We want to be your go-to landscaper because we love the community and want to take great care of your home. Here’s what you get with BK:

      • Relationships – BK wants to have long-term relationships with our customers. We’re not looking for a quick buck. We want to take care of your landscape for as long as you need us.
      • Improving Your Property – Landscaping and french drains make your property more attractive in the long term. That means improving the value of your home by up to twenty percent.
      • Customer Service – BK matches our quality work with excellent customer service. Because every time you work with us, it’s not just about the job. It’s also about the interaction.
      • We Value Your Input – Before we start any work, we take the time to talk with our customers to learn about their needs and ensure they understand the solution we’re providing.
      • Professionalism – BK knows our field. We do our jobs well, and you can count on us to do what we say we will do with integrity and consistency.

Why Install French Drains?

Excess Water Creates Plant Loss

Excess water can damage your lawn and other plants. The water can compact the soil, eroding it and hurting plant health. Over time this may lead to plant death, which can, in turn, create further erosions, denser soil, and more drainage issues. It is best to stop the cycle early.

Standing Water Can Create Human Health Problems

The biggest problem that drainage problems create is human health issues. Water attracts pests, such as mosquitos, which can turn your yard into a breeding ground. They’re not just a nuisance – they carry diseases. Further, excess moisture can create mold. Many people have mold allergies, and some mold is even deadly. It’s less expensive to add a drain now than call a mold remediation specialist (and a doctor) later.

Property Damage

A french drain today can save your home’s foundation tomorrow. Flooding can occur when water accumulates near the house, damaging possessions and, in the worst case, your home’s foundation.

What Else Can BK Do For Your Home?

Whole Home Landscaping Solutions

Drainage issues can be complex. And while a french drain will be part of your solution, depending on when you catch the problem, you may also need to take other steps. Here are some other services BK offers.

      • Snow Removal – Snow melt can be one cause of flooding. BK offers snow removal for both residential and commercial customers.
      • Lawn Care – Over time, drainage issues can damage your lawn. The dense soil may then need to be aerated and overseeded or resod.
      • Lawn Maintenance – Once we have your property back in good shape, we can take care of its regular maintenance for you.
If you want to fix your standing water issues, BK Landscaping Offers french drains, yard cleanup, lawn care, and Lawn Maintenance in Riverhead, Jamesport, and Aquebogue, New York. Our roots are on the North Fork!

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