Summer is behind us; pool days we hardly knew ye! But, holidays are before us – spooky, thankful, and giving. And now?

It’s the season for cleanups!

Seasonal cleanup is essential to maintaining your property, and while we can do it anytime, we should do it at least twice a year. And fall is a great time to schedule a Seasonal Clean-up from BK.

What Does Seasonal Clean-Up Include?

Seasonal cleanup is about giving your lawn the extra polish we don’t get to while doing all your other landscaping tasks. Clean-up includes all the miscellaneous work that doesn’t fall under mowing, mulching, and all the different areas we discuss here.

Clean-up can be a time-intensive task because it involves detail. BK will scour your whole property to remove all the leaves, sticks, dead plants, and other debris that are taking up space on your lawn. If it doesn’t belong there, we get rid of it.

Can You Do Your Own Seasonal Cleanup?

You probably know what belongs on your lawn and what doesn’t, so you may think seasonal cleanup is a task you can tackle on your own. Of course, you can do what you choose, but it’s time-consuming, and you probably have a happier way to spend your weekends. Plus, it’s our job, and we’re good at it!

If you do choose to do your cleanup yourself, BK offers a curbside pick-up service to remove everything you collected. But if we’re going to be coming by anyway, why not save yourself the trouble and the labor?

Why Fall Cleanup?

Of all the questions in the blog, this is probably the one you have already answered for yourself, at least partially.

Fall Leaves

People come from the other side of the country to see our fall foliage here! The colors are vibrant and unlike any other time or region. Honestly, we love our leaves.

But those leaves don’t stay beautiful. After a short while, they start to decay, and decay brings with it allergies, mold, and other problems we will discuss below.

So once we’ve finished enjoying those leaves, we have to do something with them! Leaf collection is a big part of our fall seasonal cleanup.

End of the Season

The end of each season is always a good time for cleanup. As a season ends, annuals die, parts of trees and shrubs dry up, and everything that was so pretty a few months ago is now a mess.

So before preparing for the next season, we must finish the last one. That’s what seasonal cleanup is all about. We need to make room for new things to grow by removing everything that isn’t growing anymore.

What Comes Next? Holiday Gatherings!

Finally, there is no period of the year so jammed to the gills with holidays and gatherings as October 31 to December 31. We’ve got Halloween, Thanksgiving, New Year’s, and a significant holiday for just about every world religion!

With each of those holidays come celebrations. And who comes to celebrations? Well, pretty much everyone!

So, as your family and friends pull up to your house, what do you want them to see? Ironically, the most people attend your home at the time of year that your yard is least likely to be presentable!

If you call BK for fall cleanup, we’ll have your property looking great for all your fall and winter holidays. Fa la la la la!

Why Are Yard Cleanup Services Important?

Yard cleanup serves multiple purposes. The most readily apparent is that it makes your home look better and increases curb appeal. You can have a gorgeous home, but when you frame it with a rundown yard, people will think you don’t care for it.

Seasonal cleanup also improves the health of your lawn and other plants. Removing dead plants helps your yard the same way trimming and pruning help your trees’ health. It allows the healthier parts of your plants and yard to flourish.

Finally, leaves and other debris prevent moisture from escaping. This can create mold below them. It’s easier to prevent lawn and plant disease than treat it, not even considering the health problems mold can cause your family.

Ready for Your Lawn Cleanup?

So with holidays before you and summer behind you, we implore you to get on our fall cleanup schedule. It’s easier now than waiting until the week before Thanksgiving!

With BK’s help, your lawn will thank you!