Best Landscaping Provided in Riverhead, Jamesport and Aquebogoue, New York

What is Included in Our Landscaping Services?

      • Fresh sod installation to improve the health of your grass
      • Strong mulch installation for controlling the moisture of your plants
      • Garden designs to make your dreams a reality

Why Choose BK Landscaping?

Our team thrives on being the most professional team for our clients.

      • Quality is our main focus
      • Integrity keeps us an honest team
      • We are dedicated and goal-oriented
      • Communication is key
      • Professionalism drives us to do our best

How Does Landscaping Improve Your Property?

Encourages New Growth

When your garden is properly planned and accurately installed, your plants will thrive, giving you the ultimate sign that you did something right. The more vibrant your plants are, the healthier your garden is. BK ensures you have the best landscape in town. BK keeps your trees and shrubs trimmed, so disease doesn’t take over and spread throughout your landscape. Trimming trees, shrubs, and various other plants is the equivalent of getting a new haircut. Keeping the branches pruned clears the way of damaged branches and allows stronger ones to take their place.

Replenishes Nurtrients

When fresh mulch is added to your flower beds, fresh nutrients are stored and ready for your plants. After the mulch crumbles, new topsoil is created, increasing your soil’s fertility. BK only provides the best mulch for our clients. Mulch is great for more than your flower beds; trees and shrubs with mulch at the base give them more inches to bury their roots. Roots constantly search for water, and BK knows that mulch is moisture controlled. You will fall in love with your property all over again when we use mulch that provides the best results for each lawn individually.

Increases Functionality of Your Property

Your property is functional when it uses water efficiently, and your plants grow strong and vibrant. When the elements of your landscape work together, you will know it’s functional because there will be a mini ecosystem in your backyard. A thriving and vibrant landscape increases the value of your home and property. As a bonus, you can walk outside and enjoy the sounds of nature while getting some well-deserved relaxation. BK guarantees a landscape you are happy with that will provide you with a place you will want to spend most of your time. Then, when the flowers bloom, it will be a magical sight for all to experience. You might start a ripple effect, and the whole neighborhood will bloom beautifully. It starts with a little planning, designing, and a team you can trust. Then the final result will be one you can be most proud of.

What Else Helps Your Landscape Stay Functional?

Cleaning Up and Taking Care of Your Lawn Keep it Functional

Lawn care and maintenance are strong and valuable services. BK has the skill set necessary for each lawn, and they manage each landscape with the utmost care. When taking care of your lawn, please leave it to the pros, so the job gets done accurately and promptly.

      • Lawn Care- Weed and pest control are essential for the future of your lawn to ensure it stays strong and alive for years to come.
      • Landscape Maintenance- Maintaining the health of your landscape allows your garden’s shape and color to continue improving the community.
      • Yard Clean-up- Cleaning plant debris from your yard keeps it clutter-free and ready for nutrients and new growth.
BK Landscaping provides the best landscaping services for Riverhead, Jamesport, Aquebogoue, New York, and surrounding communities. BK Landscaping- Our roots are on the North Fork!

Best Landscaping, Tree, and Lawn Maintenance Services in Riverhead, Jamesport, Aquebogue, NY, and nearby areas.

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