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What is Included in our lawn care Service?

BK Landscaping cares for your lawn to allow fresh nutrients and elements to be soaked up by the soil and begin new grass growth. When this happens, the fertility of your lawn becomes more prominent, allowing your grass to grow stronger and greener. In addition, BK Landscaping brings all the equipment needed and cleans it up afterward, so you won’t have to worry about the mess. After we finish a thorough job on the lawn, we return to ensure every square inch is taken care of. We don’t cut corners, giving your lawn the best chance of longevity and good health. As a result, every client is satisfied with our work quality.

Why Should You Choose BK Landscaping?

BK is a professional team that takes each client seriously and provides them with the best quality services in town. We take our clients seriously and ensure our reputation is upheld every time.

      • Detailed-oriented projects
      • We are prompt
      • We care about our community
      • Quality work is top-notch
      • Communication is key

When Should Your Lawn Be Serviced?

Your Lawn is in its Prime in Fall and Spring

Grass goes through a lot in the harsher months of summer and winter. The landscape revitalizes, grows more in the spring, and gathers as many nutrients as possible before summer. Therefore, services like aerating your lawn are best done in late spring to early fall. Fall is the time for prepping for winter. The more you can do for your landscape to prepare, the better because winter can get pretty harsh in New York. The sooner you start this process, the longer your lawn will have to heal itself.

Accepting New Growth

The process of lawn care is essential for making your lawn ready to accept new growth. BK Landscaping is the trusted team to complete the job correctly and efficiently. In addition, lawn care allows the soil to replenish its nutrients and become more fertile. The more fertile the soil, the better the chances of grass lasting longer and staying greener. Green grass is strong grass. Protect your lawn from pesky weeds and insects by keeping it strong and healthy.

How Long Does it Take to Poke the Lawn?

Timing is something to consider

Depending on the day’s services, the lawn care process doesn’t take long, only a few hours. BK Landscaping is certified to handle the heavy equipment necessary for each job. However, aeration and overseeding can be an all-day event depending on the size of the property. Dead grass and roots are removed with dethatching to make room for fresh growth, and the weed treatments don’t take long to apply. Therefore, it is crucial to have professionals take care of your lawn care needs to get the job done on time!

Hours to Weeks Afterward

What takes the longest is letting the lawn sit to let the plugs soak up all the nutrients and give the new seeds time to begin germinating. After that, you won’t have to do much besides staying off the lawn after treatments to give it the best chance. The grass is a strong and durable plant, but it still needs space for the process to work. Fixing lawns is a large and time-consuming job, but in the end, it’s worth it to have a long-lasting, gorgeous lawn. In addition, the stronger your lawn is, the less likely weeds, pests, and soil compaction will overrun your landscape.

BK Landscaping provides authentic lawn care, lawn maintenance, and yard clean-ups in Riverhead, Jamesport, and Aquebogue, New York. You never have to guess who is working with you because we are trustworthy and professional, our reputation is undeniable, and our quality speaks for us. Relax! We got this!

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