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Mattituck is a hamlet in New York and part of Suffolk County. The Mattituck Inlet presents many adventurous opportunities to the residents and visitors. However, you still get the small-town effect of this quaint hamlet. Mattituck was first settled in 1662 by English colonists. At first, this settlement was used for its fertile land for crops and raising livestock. However, this small community was still booming with the business for the blacksmith, school teacher, minister, carpenter, and many more specialists that dedicated their lives to the trade of goods.

What Services Does BK Landscaping Provide in Mattituck, New York


Landscaping changes the lay of your property for the better. With the help of BK, you can have the patio you’ve been dreaming of. Nothing is better than looking out your living room window and seeing your flowers blossoming in the sunshine. Your motivation to get outside and enjoy the fresh air will skyrocket. In addition, spending time in your new and improved landscape will reduce stress, and you might sleep better at night. BK understands a functional garden’s importance, which is why we dedicate our services to the community.

Lawn Care

Caring for your lawn is best handled by BK Landscaping because we have the skills and experience required to prevent harmful elements from taking over. You can rely on our team to control your property and allow it to grow to its full potential. Caring for your greenery can be therapeutic, but only some have the time or patience. With the help of BK, you can have a busy life and a full lawn that can protect itself.

Lawn Maintenance

Edging flowerbeds with brick or landscape plastic creates a barrier for your flowers and the grass to stay on the lawn. Mowing is essential for keeping the grass short and green. Keeping your lawn in working condition is easier than you think, especially when BK is your friendly neighborhood landscaping team! Maintenance is a long-term service essential for your plant life’s longevity. But you don’t have to do it alone- we are here to help!

Tree Services

Trimming trees is essential for keeping the branches healthy and sturdy, so you don’t have to worry about them falling on your house or getting caught in power. When you keep trees healthy, they keep the air healthy. You won’t have to worry about

French Drains

French drains aren’t actually from France, but they are a unique design that gives your lawn a sophisticated look. BK Landscape provides amazing drainage and protects your home from flooding. With the protection of your lawn, flooding won’t stand a chance.

Snow Removal

Snow is a surprisingly heavy element. That’s why BK works so hard to remove it from your property to save your hardscapes. Removing snow doesn’t have to be an ancient ritual passed down over the years, and it can be as quick as making an appointment and going about your day.
Being part of the community gives our team the front-runner we need to stay on top of all our clients and their individual needs. BK Landscaping provides the best landscaping, lawn care, lawn maintenance, and more in Mattituck, New York, and surrounding areas. Our team thrives with professionalism to execute each of our client’s needs. As a result of our high-quality workmanship, you will be able to enjoy your property like it was the first time again, thanks to BK! Our roots are on the North Fork!

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