Seasonal Cleanups

Superb Seasonal Cleanup Services in, Jamesport, Aquebogue and Riverhead, NY.

What is our seasonal cleanup service at BK Landscaping all about?

BK Landscaping provides services that will clean up your entire property. We can do it as many times a year as you like. However, it is highly suggested that you do seasonal cleanups at least twice a year, in the fall and spring seasons.

Our seasonal cleanups include but are not limited to lawn cleanups, removal of branches, leaves, and debris. Cleanups seem like an easy thing to do, but they can be very labor-intensive depending on the amount of work that needs to be done on your lawn, landscape, and property. Our services will leave your property looking fresh and clean. We also offer curbside pickup for an additional charge.

Why choose BK Landscaping to give you a seasonal cleanup service?

We are cognizant that here in New York, there are not a ton of businesses in the green industry because of NY’s large urban communities and city life. However, here in Long Island and especially the North Folk, people need green industry businesses, so we wanted to give you some reasons why we know we are the best option for you and your property:

  • We have been in the green industry for over four years!
  • We service all commercial and residential properties!
  • We give discounts for veterans!
  • We do free estimates!
  • We are a licensed and insured establishment!
  • We are committed to quality work and exceptional customer service!

What should you think about when you get a seasonal cleanup service?

Seasonal cleanups are not just about improving the look of your property. Although they do provide a significant boost to your curb appeal! Cleanups protect your lawn from threats. Pests, mold, and excess moisture tend to collect underneath leaves. These threats can lead to disease and damage to your turf. Cleanups prevent these unwanted additions from lingering on your property!

While you can handle the cleanups on your own, it is a time-consuming process and one best left to the professionals. They get the best results and can boost your curb appeal and property value while saving you time!

If you do decide to handle the cleanup on your own and cannot get rid of the items removed, remember you can call us to do curbside pickup!
BK Landscaping is thrilled to provide seasonal cleanup services to the wonderful residents and business owners of Jamesport, Aquebogue, and Riverhead, NY, and their surrounding areas.

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