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What is included in our snow and ice removal services?

Snow and ice can look beautiful from a distance when looking at a picture or seeing them in movies or on tv. It can also be beautiful in person, but that beauty only lasts until it becomes a hindrance and safety hazard. Your landscape, particularly your hard surfaces, can take damage from the frigid temperatures and ice sitting for long periods. If you need to get anywhere on your property, it can become dangerous, whether walking around or trying to pull into your driveway. Fortunately, our services include removing the excess snow and ice around your property so you can have some peace of mind this winter!

What makes BK Landscaping reliable?

We offer our valued customers professional services that help us stand out:

      • Every landscape becomes our top priority, so you don’t feel like you’re getting less service than anyone else.
      • Every detail matters to us; nothing is too small for our team to work extra hard on.
      • We are highly trained for all our services, so you don’t have to worry about us doing the job incorrectly or half-hazard.
      • We don’t believe in sacrificing quality service for anything, from speedy work or a challenging task.
      • Your landscape dreams are important to us, and we make sure they’re acknowledged and validated.

What are some key benefits of this landscape service?

Your property will no longer be hazardous

Everyone enjoys a snow day – throwing snowballs, sledding, building snowmen, and making snow angels. However, the novelty will wear off after a while, and people slip on your property and fall trying to get from place to place. When the snow and ice are removed, your landscape will become safer to walk and drive on and less likely to cause a problem!

Damages will be minimized over the winter

Those hard surfaces on your property are sturdy – patios, walkways, retaining walls, all strong and hardy. But unfortunately, they’re not invincible, and too much standing ice and snow can damage them over time and ruin their good looks. Removing these nuisances prevents cracks from spreading, pieces from crumbling, and them from becoming unleveled!

What are some important things to remember?

Planning ahead can be a lifesaver

You may be used to extreme weather during the winter and have plenty of experience working around it, but there’s no shame in staying on top of things and planning. Planning for winter projects like snow and ice removal will make your life much easier when the time comes. You can note high-traffic areas on your lawn, where you’ve had problems in the past, and when you’ll need these services most!

Sand and salt work for different things

There is a lot of debate or confusion on what salt or sand works better for ice problems, but the truth is that they both have benefits and work well for different circumstances. The properties of salt work great for melting ice and the removal of those slippery surfaces. Sand doesn’t melt ice, but because of its gritty surface, it’s used on roads to help vehicles find traction while driving!
BK Landscaping provides customers with superior snow and ice removal services in Riverhead, NY. We do everything we can to ensure high-quality customer service in a friendly yet professional work environment. Our crew wants to assist you with your landscape needs, and our work speaks for itself! Our roots are on the North Fork!

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