Snow Removal

First-Class Snow and Ice Removal Services in Jamesport, Aquebogue and Riverhead, NY.

What is included in our winter services?

The unique service of snow and ice removal provides safety to your property and you during the terrible winter conditions. We offer plowing services for snow removal. We also salt and sand your property to ensure safe walking conditions! You can have a clear property without ever having to step out into the cold weather!

Why choose BK Landscaping to give you a snow and ice removal service?

We understand that there are several green industry companies to choose from in our area. Not all of them offer snow and ice management services! What else sets us apart?

  • We have been in the green industry for almost five years!
  • We provide services for all commercial and residential properties!
  • We do discounts for veterans!
  • We give free estimates!
  • We are a licensed and insured establishment!
  • We provided premium quality work excellent customer service!

If you are not sold on those things alone, then we ask that you give us a call. We want to talk with you, come out to your property, and provide you with our free estimate. We can guarantee you that once you get to meet our experienced crew, your decision will be an easy one!

What should you think about when you get a snow and ice removal service?

Snow and ice removal is an essential service for residential and commercial properties alike! This is because the service prevents slips and falls on your property. Slippery sidewalks are a liability that no homeowner or business owner wants to deal with. The cost of these services is far less than the cost of a lawsuit!

If you are determined to maintain your property on your own, remember that there is a lot of work that is required in order to get that done, especially when it comes to snow and ice removal! This unique type of service we offer, when done DIY, might save you money, but it will definitely take up a ton of your time and potentially hurt you! If you enjoy a DIY landscaping or lawn project, that is fine, but snow and ice removal is not the exemplary service to be done DIY. Our resources and knowledge can simply make your life easier, save you money, and provide premium quality results without you lifting a finger or going out in the cold. Most importantly you can prevent a potential injury from slipping on ice or throwing your back out shoveling.

If you do not have time in your schedule and would rather hire a company to handle your snow and ice removal, BK Landscaping will provide premium quality services with amazing results that will meet the individual needs of your landscape, lawn, and property.

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