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What is Included in Our Tree Services?

BK Landscaping provides tree trimming, tree removal, and stump removal. Trees are vital for providing excellent air quality and enhancing your landscape. Tree services are essential for keeping your landscape functional and beautiful.

We always clean up when we finish our trim and tree removal services. Our community will be stronger and more fruitful when each tree has proper care. BK Landscaping is a trustworthy team that makes taking care of your trees a breeze.

Why Choose BK Landscaping for Tree Services?

BK Landscaping is committed to paying extra attention to detail. We make sure each client is satisfied with our care. So you’ll never have to wonder about the quality of work you’re receiving.

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How Does Your Lawn Benefit from Tree Services?

Trimming Trees Stops the Spread of Disease

Root and branch systems are the “root” of what keeps a tree alive and well. So when branches get weak or sick, the best thing to do is to cut those branches. Trimming stops the spread of disease and saves other trees from being affected. Branches usually grow back, so even if an entire branch needs to be removed, a new and stronger branch will grow in its place. As a result, your tree will grow even stronger and last longer the more it has the care it needs.

Trimming Branches Saves the Power

Heavy rain storms with strong winds can cause powerlines to get taken out by breaking or falling branches. To prevent a power outage, it’s important to have your branches trimmed back from power lines. BK Landscaping is a certified company that handles all tree trimming needs. Trimming trees reduces the risk of branches falling in your yard, on your car, and damaging your home. Our team follows the best safety procedures to keep our team and you safe. When we cut the weak branches, BK Landscaping ensures each branch is strong and healthy.

Why is Removing Trees Important?

Removing Trees Stops the Spread of Disease

If your tree gets sick enough and it spreads to the trunk, removing the tree is the next best thing you can do. However, if the disease spreads to the roots, your soil, other trees, lawn, and entire landscape may be affected. Removing an entire tree might seem drastic, but it’s essential for the health of the entire landscape.

To prevent your trees from getting sick is quite easy, making sure your trees are being taken care of and catching signs of disease early. However, it is more dangerous when trying to remove disease or damage yourself. That’s why a certified team needs to do it for you.

Removing Trees Protects Against Pests

Removing a tree that has died is vital for the health of your landscape. Pests are attracted to rotting and dead things, and an entire tree acts like a beacon to harmful fungi, weeds, and pests. BK Landscaping is a trustworthy, professional team that’s here for all your tree-removing needs. Stumps are rough to remove, but it is possible. When stumps are left in the ground, they start to rot and attract bugs, fungi, and the spread of disease. Keep your lawn green and healthy by allowing us to come to remove your stumps.
BK provides terrific tree services in Riverhead, Jamesport, and Aquebogue. However, BK isn’t just about a good lawn – we are committed to achieving your best landscape today!

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