Wading River

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Wading River is a hamlet located in Suffolk County in New York. This community is neighboring Shoreham and shares its school district on the North Shore of Long Island. Wading River takes up almost two towns but is mainly in Riverhead and overlaps into Brookhaven. Wading River, New York, got its name from the first English Colonists in 1671. This town was a gem because of its fresh water and bountiful seafood. The destination was explored thoroughly to ensure it was a good spot to build a settlement.

What Services Does BK Landscaping Offer Wading River, NY?


Landscaping transforms a boring and plain lawn into a beautiful and functional one. Landscaping services increase the value of your home. BK ensures your property is functional and the plant life is healthy and strong. Designing a landscape helps you and our team visualize the landscape you are trying to go for. Each feature is best designed before it’s built, so the functionality of your landscape can be predetermined.

Tree Services

Tree services are essential for keeping the branches away from powerlines. Weak branches that go unnoticed will fall, and they can do some serious damage. On the other hand, trees that are trimmed regularly and maintained will grow healthier and sturdier. Servicing trees is not a quick and easy fix. They require constant attention and careful trimming because if a branch falls, it will cause damage if caught carefully. BK has very specific safety protocols that we follow for every job.

Lawn Maintenance

Maintaining your lawn is essential for keeping your lawn in healthy and green condition. Mowing, trimming, edging, and more are all services that BK uses to keep your lawn looking sharp. It’s our responsibility to keep your lawn in great shape so you to enjoy it again and again. Routine is an essential part of having a landscape. We understand how busy your schedule can be, so we offer our amazing services to those who need a helping hand.

Lawn Care

When you look at your lawn, you want to see beautiful grass, colorful flowers, and thick shrubs. But, unfortunately, you don’t have time for weeds or patchy grass. So we provide you with lawn care you can’t live without. Weeds and pests aren’t always noticed, but they are at first. The little invaders can cause big problems; that’s why BK Landscaping is the team for you. We ensure your property is protected around the clock.

French Drains

French drains aren’t actually from across the world; Henry French, a Massachusetts farmer, invented them. Drain systems prevent your property from flooding and the nutrients being washed away. In addition, BK Landscaping protects your plants from downing and wilting away to nothing. Drainage systems boost the value of your home and allow you to relax during the next rainstorm. When the excess water drains away, your home is also saved from being flooded.

Snow Removal

Snow is not an element that is easily forgiven. It causes damage to your property when it isn’t being removed properly. Our team ensures your landscape is preserved throughout winter, and you won’t have to endure too many repairs come springtime.
Our team is dedicated to providing amazing services for all our clients with top-notch quality. BK Landscaping offers the best landscaping, lawn care, and lawn maintenance in Wading River, New York. Our customer service skills are unmatched. The job isn’t finished until the client is satisfied with our work. Our roots are on the North Fork!

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