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Best Yard Cleaup in Riverhead, Jamesport, & Aquebogue, NY

What Does BK’s Yard Cleanup Service Include

      • Leaf Collection – One of the most common yard cleanups, especially during the fall months, is leaf collection. BK will collect and haul away all your leaves once it goes from “foliage” to “nuisance.”
      • Brush Removal – Thick brush and undergrowth can make a property unusable. Maybe it was like that when you got here, or possibly your woods have steadily infringed on your yard. Either way, we’re available to remove that brush.
      • Sticks & Branches & Leaves – Plants don’t just shed in the fall. All year leaves, sticks, and branches are falling from your trees onto your property below, creating walking and mowing hazards and generally making your property less attractive. We collect and haul!

Why Work with BK Landscaping?

Like our slogan say, our roots are on the North Fork! We care about our customers and the community because we’re part of the community. So you can trust BK to take care of your home.

      • Customer Service – Customer service comes first, and we start every job to give the customer the best experience. That means quality work, sure. But it also means good interaction.
      • We value our relationships with our customers – We’re looking for something long-term. BK is not a new company. And we’re not just looking to make a quick book. We like having repeat customers and getting to know one another.
      • We take our time – Before starting anything, we have discussions with our customers ensuring that everyone understands the project scope and what to expect.
      • Improves property value – BK is known for its high-quality work. Excellent landscaping enhances curb appeal and can raise your property value by up to twenty percent!
      • Consistent and trustworthy – Plants thrive on consistency, and so do people. You can trust BK to do our job right, the way we say we will when we say we will, every time.

Why Does Yard CleanUp Matter?

Plant Health

Your plants need water, air, sunlight, and nutrients. Unfortunately, every time plants shed debris onto your living plants (mainly your lawn), the dead plant parts block the living from getting what they need. Then moisture can get trapped between the debris and the ground, creating fungus, mold, plant disease, and ice in colder weather. Yard cleanup prevents these effects.


Neat, clean yards look better! This benefit may seem almost too obvious but cleaning up your yard improves its appearance. The first rule of curb appeal is to reduce clutter.

Room for New Life

Finally, when you have brush taking up space in your yard, that’s prime real estate that you’re losing for landscaping that you actually want. Removing brush allows you the space to put in shrubs, trees, flower beds, or even more grass. What you add is your choice, but the point is it should be something you have chosen.

What Else Does BK Do for Your Landscape?

Additional Landscaping Services

Once your yard cleanup is complete, change what you see underneath. BK offers full-service landscaping and can take care of all your outdoor needs.

  • Lawn Maintenance – Your lawn is the foundation for the rest of your property. BK takes care of all your regular lawn maintenance along with seasonal tasks.
  • Tree Services – Pruning, trimming, mulching, and fertilization are just some of your trees’ services to stay healthy.
  • Snow Removal – Of course, winter brings a whole other form of property cleanup – snow removal. We provide snow and ice removal services for residential and commercial properties.
BK Landscaping Offers the best yard cleanup, lawn care, and Lawn Maintenance in Riverhead, Jamesport, and Aquebogue, New York. Our roots are on the North Fork!

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